Recently the Wall Street Journal ran an article on the most damaged corporate brands in America. The list included some of the biggest names on Wall Street like General Motors, McDonalds, and Bank of America- just to name a few.

You probably remember the phrase ‘Too Big To Fail’ that rose out of the financial crisis in 2008. We are well aware of the reality that when things change or go wrong there really is no company that is too big to fail.

As I thought about that article, I wondered about us. Do we sometimes get that same attitude in our lives that perhaps somehow we are ‘too big to fail?’ Truthfully, not a single one of us is above failure. Research tells us that most people are just a few bad decisions away from bankruptcy, divorce, relationship failure, or job loss.

The Apostle Paul gives us a clear antidote to our personal failures.

He said, “Always take heed lest you fall!” That is a good reminder for all of us. Our spouses are counting on us. Our kids are counting on us, and our employers are counting on us. As you make your journey today, stand firm, be careful and look to God. In doing so, we won’t let those who are counting on us down.

Think about it and have a “Fail-Free” day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D