Last November, a Boeing 747 that weighs 600,000 pounds and requires a runway of over 9,000 feet landed at the wrong airport. Somewhere along the way, the pilot lost his way and failed to make the proper course correction. The plane ended up landing at an unmanned Airport 9 miles away from its targeted destination.

What was even more disturbing was that when the pilot figured out he had landed at the wrong airport, he wasn’t able to tell those searching for him where he was. The good news is that it was finally figured out, and the plane was redirected to the correct airport.

After a review of the situation, it was determined that the pilot, who was familiar with the flight path, stopped consulting his flight plan because he thought he knew where he was going.
As I thought about that story, I wondered how many of us do the same thing in our daily lives—“We stop consulting the ultimate flight plan and end up headed in the wrong direction.” In other words, we stop looking to God for direction.

Remember what the Psalmist said, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, and a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

We all have a flight plan called the Bible. When was the last time you consulted it?

Think about it and have a blessed day!
John Mark Caton, Ph.D