Hi, I’m Caleb Beets, the Youth Pastor at Cottonwood Creek with your Inspirational Thought of the Day!

The weather this past year has been crazy. The terrible storms that recently  ripped across our country have created a craze called “prepping.” A prepper is someone who is trying to get ready for the end of the world or a major storm that will send a community into chaos. I do think there is value in being ready for the worst and being able to weather a storm is absolutely useful, but I wonder if these people are ready for the spiritual storm that is ever present. Life comes at us hard and fast, and we are often caught off guard by life experiences.   However, our spiritual lives can be wrecked much worse than our physical if we are not ready spiritually.  In Matthew 7 Jesus says the wise man builds his house on the rock and when the storm comes his house stands. Jesus is that rock upon which our lives must be built.

Ps 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

So be a prep per… build your life on God, and He will be your refuge.

Have a blessed day,

Caleb Beets, Cottonwood Creek Youth Pastor
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