Hallmark Channel – January 4, 2016

The Hallmark Channel had a record year with the number of hours of holiday programming and advertiser dollars. It obviously is a hit with its audience, but honestly, I don’t get it. The plot is the same over and over again, just with different actors. The story line goes like this:

Boy goes home for Christmas and meets new girl,

Boy and girl start to date and like each other,

But then, boy’s old girlfriend enters the story,

New girl catches them having a candlelight dinner in romantic restaurant,

New girl gets hurt and jealous, and rushes to airport to leave town,

Boy realizes that old girlfriend is not right for him, and that new girlfriend is true love,

Boy races to airport,

Boy, somehow has no airport security, and stops new girlfriend at the gate and they live happily ever after.

I guess some love stories never get old, just like the most amazing love story ever told that God loved us so much and wanted a relationship with us. He sent His only Son to be sacrificed for our sin in order to forgive us and restore us in relationship to Him. I hope that we all race into this love story and make 2016 a year of eternal significance.

Make it a great year!

Scott Sanford
Scott Sanford