Romans 12:10, honor one another above yourselves.

All of us have a heartfelt need to be honored and respected. All too often, however, we take our spouses for granted at home. Is it any wonder that so many mothers hold down jobs in the workplace today? Also, could this be why many men spend long hours at work, to receive accolades from others that they don’t get at home? Many work for financial reasons but some do so to find the recognition and praise they don’t get from their mates. Do you ever think about all the skills your partner brings to the marriage? They are a jack‐of‐all‐trades: provider, cook, nurse, counselor, financial planner, gardener, spiritual leader, comforter, and much more. We encourage you to show your appreciation for these talents and services. Husbands, in front of guests, compliment her taste in home decor and her wise guidance of the children. Send your husband to work with a note praising him for his good judgment with the family budget. If we don’t make our mate feel honored and respected, we may find our partner looking for recognition somewhere else. God’s word says in Romans, “Honor one another above yourselves.”


Have a blessed day!

Robert Bennett