Psalm 23:3, …He leads me down a path of righteousness for His names sake.

I think the most anxiety-producing factor in the world today is uncertainty about the future. There are decisions we must make that bear not only upon our own lives and future, but also upon the lives of everyone with whom we are associated. We are constantly making decisions. How do we know that we are making the right ones? Decisions can be crucial and frustrating!

A story my grandfather used to tell me was about an assignment he was given sorting potatoes. There was a huge mound of them, and the mess sergeant told him to put all the bad ones in one bin and all the good ones in the other bin. When the Sergeant came back a couple of hours later, he found that my grandfather had only sorted about 50 of the 100s of potatoes. The sergeant said, “What’s the matter, don’t you like the work?” Granddad said, “It’s not the work; it’s the decisions that are killing me.”

I often feel that way. We have to make countless decisions which touch the lives of people around us. We need wisdom. We need a shepherd. We need someone who knows the trails, someone whom we can trust. Psalm 23:3 tells us “He leads me down a path of righteousness for His names sake.” What we all need is a decisive word from someone who knows the way, and the Lord knows the way.

Nathan Quillan
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