Kids are preparing their Christmas lists and counting down the days for Santa.  Likewise, we have all made wish lists hoping for new toys, devices, cars, or clothes.  It is true that acquiring something new does have a powerful effect over our psyche.  New things can literally brighten our day, change our moods, or give us the confidence that we are lacking.  However, the newly found happiness that comes from new possessions is always fleeting, and it often leaves us with the empty feeling of wanting more.  The Marketers convince us that we deserve the newest items, that these items will make us happy, and that happiness can be purchased.

We are all pleasure-seeking creatures.  In fact, we base most of our decisions off what will bring us the greatest amount of pleasure.  However, the Lord did not design us to seek the fullness of pleasure in creation but rather in Him.  We have begun to worship the creation over the creator, and it has left us wanting more and more and chasing the fleeting feeling of happiness.  The Lord himself is the one who satisfies our hearts and brings us joy everlasting.  He brings a satisfaction that does not waiver in the midst of circumstances.  We were designed by God- for the glory of God.


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