On October 14, 2012, the Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner broke two world records that had been in place for over 50 years. First, he smashed the previous world record for the fastest sky dive—breaking the sound barrier and reaching a velocity of nearly 834 miles per hour. He also broke the world record for the highest freefall, jumping out of a balloon 128,000 feet (or 24 miles) above New Mexico.
The new record holder gladly admits that he could not have succeeded without the help of his mentor—the previous world record holder for both records, 84-year-old Joe Kittinger. The older Kittinger, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel, has been an integral part of Baumgartner’s team.
For months prior to Baumgartner’s record-breaking dive, Kittinger provided him with advice and encouragement whenever the younger man doubted his ability. Right before the actual jump, Kittinger told Baumgartner, “All right, step up to the exterior step. Start the cameras, and our guardian angel will take care of you now.”
Then throughout the fall, the former record holder kept giving instructions through the most difficult portions of the dive, and the new records were set.
Today, look around and see if you can help someone else do something incredible. Maybe you could give advice, train, help, encourage, or challenge someone in your life to excel.
And have a blessed day!