Although Christmas Day is behind us, the season is still going strong with decorations  and family gatherings still to be had. One of the most popular phrases noted on Christmas decorations is “Peace on Earth.” We see this phrase painted with delicate script on ornaments which hang on trees; we see it on banners, Christmas cards, and as part of large Nativity scenes. The Bible says that there is a peace that is available to all, regardless of culture, society, information, age, or circumstances. It’s a peace that goes beyond a good feeling, beyond a sense of calm, and beyond human conflict. It’s a peace that transcends all understanding and can only come from having peace with God through Christ.

Billy Graham said it best when he said, “Only Christ can meet the deepest needs of our world and our hearts. Christ alone can bring lasting peace-peace with God, peace among men and nations, and peace within our hearts.”

May God bless you for the remainder of the Christmas season.