In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul said, “…be ready to do whatever is good…”(Titus 3:1)

Palmer Chad Evans was due to be born on December 13 or 12/13/12; however, when his parents realized they had the awesome opportunity to induce a day early and have Palmer on 12/12/12, they decided to go for it.

The number 12 is important to the Evans family because they are both Aggie alumni, and for the Aggies, the number 12 holds great significance. For 90 years, Aggie fans stand ready as the 12th man during football games just in case the team needs them to play.

Well, Palmer will not be on the field any time soon, but the spirit of Aggie fans can encourage each of us to stand at the ready just in case someone needs us.

During this Christmas season, I wanted to encourage you to be ready to help someone out who is in need. The next time you walk past a Salvation Army barrel, be ready. The next unexpected opportunity you see placed in the midst of your day, your workplace or your family, take time to help. We should not be caught off guard by the fact that people are in need; be ready!

Perhaps you can be someone’s 12th man today…think about it and have a blessed day!
John Mark Caton, Ph.D