If so, apparently you are not the only one.  Coulrophobia is the technical term for having an irrational fear of clowns. Although clowns are intended to entertain and humor people, a recent survey proved  that adults thought clowns were “creepy,” and many admitted to being spooked or even scared by clowns.

The survey also concluded that children are overwhelmingly afraid of clowns. Psychologists believe this is because children know the clowns are wearing disguises and thus children believe they are untrustworthy.

In the New Testament, Jesus spoke of the Pharisees in a similar vain. He said the Pharisees pretended to be spiritual when in fact they were not.  He called them “hypocrites.”

According to Jesus, the Pharisees disguised themselves as spiritual, but actually were very unspiritual. In other words, Jesus said they were “Spiritual Clowns.”

God knows who you are.  There is no need to pretend to be something you are not. Make a commitment to grow in your faith and become more and more what God wants you to be; after all that is what God wants anyway.

Have a Blessed Day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D