Alexander III was Tsar of Russia in the late 1800’s. His rule was marked by repression, particularly by persecution of Jews. His wife, Maria, provided a stark contrast, being known for her generosity to those in need. There was an occasion where Alexander had signed an order consigning a prisoner to life in exile. It read simply, “Pardon impossible, to be exiled.” Maria changed that prisoner’s life by moving the comma in her husband’s order. She altered it to “Pardon, impossible to be exiled.”

I believe that in Christ, God has changed the comma that stood against us from “Pardon impossible, to be exiled” to “Pardon, impossible to exiled.”  This is the Good News of Salvation.  God provided the pen that changes human lives, and that was written during the three days celebrated during the Easter weekend. Join us at Cottonwood this Sunday as we talk about our lives in Christ.