We have all heard the statement “Go Big or Go Home!”

And that is exactly what the San Diego’s Big Bay Boom did last July the 4th.

The Big Bay Boom is advertised as one of the largest fireworks shows in the nation, and boasts about attracting half a million spectators. The pyrotechnics are launched from five barges in the San Diego Bay, and last year’s show – the 12th annual spectacle – was advertised by the port as being bigger and more intense than in past years.

Show organizers set up free buses and shuttles to handle the crowds of spectators. About a dozen bayside hotels offered special Fourth of July rates just so customers could watch the show from the comfort of their rooms.
But a technical glitch caused all the fireworks to go off at once and the show was over in about 15 second. The Beginning middle and end took place at the same time while people waited for more.

The onlookers watched and waited until finally, the show organizers announced “It is finished!”

As I thought about those words, I was reminded me of what Jesus said from the cross after paying the price for our sins.  He said, “It is finished.”  In other words, the show is over, and I have paid the price for your sin—Past, Present and Future.  Now that is some great news!

So, “It is Finished” may not be great words for a Fireworks show, but they pack a powerful impact when voiced from Christ.

Think about it, and have a Blessed Day!

John Mark Caton, Ph.D