Name That Tune – June 3, 2016

 Isaiah 40:8, “…the word of our God endures forever.”

Recently, our family had a chance to play ‘Name That Tune’ with about 20 people. I got the first one and thought I would be on a roll and win the prize! I thought that the genre was going to be 70’s and 80’s for the entire game. But the next song was more modern, which my daughter immediately won. Then it happened again, and again, and again, until she had amassed 9 points, while I still had just one. This experience certainly reminded me that I had gotten older, and that things have changed. But there were some older songs that everyone knew.

The timelessness of these songs reminded me of God being relevant to every generation, every person, and every culture. The Bible tells us that God’s word and His love endure forever. Isaiah 40:8 says, …the word of our God endures forever.” Then Psalm 136 says again and again, a total of 26 times, “His love endures forever.”

When the culture or the times seem to be changing too fast, remember, God and His love endure forever.

Scott Sanford