Georgetown law professors argue over how, and whether, to mourn Justice Scalia

A Washington Post article exposed the viciousness of the Left, which continues to reveal its true heart! Recently deceased, Justice Scalia was one of the most prominent and prestigious alumni of Georgetown University. After Justice Scalia’s death, one of the Law Professor’s at Georgetown questioned whether the Georgetown campus community should even mourn the death of its most prominent alumni because of his conservative views.

The loss of any major public figure is reason enough for the nation to mourn, but the death of a sitting Supreme Court Justice is so uncommon that it requires a deeper level of national mourning and reflection. However, since his death the conversation about Scalia from the liberal professors at Georgetown has even gone well beyond the norm of civil discourse.

While the idea of not mourning the loss of a Supreme Court Justice is bad enough, the greater story might be the current make up of the Georgetown Law faculty itself. In a response to the campus-wide email suggesting campus community should not mourn the loss of Scalia, two conservative professors felt a need to respond. And by two conservative professors I mean the only two conservative professors on the entire Law faculty.

In their response, the two conservative professors acknowledged their personal grief and pointed out the real problem at Georgetown University Law school. And I quote: “…The problem is that the center of gravity of legal academia is so far to the left edge of the political spectrum that some have lost the ability to tell the difference. Only on a faculty with just two identifiably right-of-center professors out of 125, could a professor harbor such vitriol for a conservative Justice that even Justice Ginsburg adored. Only on a faculty this unbalanced could a professor willfully or knowingly choose to ‘hurt … those with affection for J. Scalia,’ including countless students, just days after the Justice’s death. If more of us were here (speaking of conservatives), the impropriety of this act would have been far more obvious, but also less threatening to our students.”

Did you get that…the problem is that there is no freedom of thought at all. There is no real diversity…only 2 out of 125 professors are right of center. As a result, hostility and abusive speech from those on the left about those on the right has become the norm, accepted and in some corners even expected and cheered.

But there is even a greater problem in academia. Sadly, the liberal excesses of Georgetown University are the rule and not the exception. Many University faculties are leaning hard left and doing everything within their power to push conservative professors to the margins or out altogether. There is no real diversity of thought or speech in many universities today. At many universities, the only acceptable speech is left-leaning speech. The only diversity of speech is between speech that is simply left and speech that is way left which isn’t diversity at all.

This is another wake-up call to those of us who are morally and politically conservative. Even more so, for those who have kids preparing to head off to university, we better make sure they are ready for the battle ahead, because if they happen to be conservatives they won’t have many allies among the professorial elite.

John Mark Caton, Ph.D