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Do you remember calling dibs on something when you were a child?  Oreos were usually my ‘dibs’ target.  The practice called snow dibs is alive and well in the North after a heavy snowfall.  The basic premise of ‘Snow Dibs’ is:  If after a heavy snowfall you take the time to shovel out a parking spot, you get the honor of putting a marker out.  It could be a cone, table or a lawn chair.  Most northerners abide by the snow dibs practice.

There is no law that protects the snow dibs practice; it is just common courtesy of saying you did the work, and it is your spot to keep until the snow melts. My first thought was that I am glad I live in Texas where I don’t have to shovel snow all winter.  My second thought turned to God’s grace.  The practice of snow dibs requires the “Dibster,” if that’s a word, who does all the work and earns the spot.  Once the spot is earned, it is his/hers unless someone takes it.

God’s grace is not that way.  When it comes to God’s grace, God did all the work in sending his Son to die on the cross for your sins.   God marked out a spot for you and called “Dibs” and put your name on that spot.  All you have to do is have faith!

So call dibs today,

John Mark Caton, Ph.d

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