Author: John Mark Caton

How Much Do You Owe?

A Dallas woman topped the list with almost $180,000 in unpaid tolls. While she is the worst offender, she is not the only offender who owes more than $100,000. There are apparently at least 21 other drivers whose neglected...

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An Inside Job

An Oregon man recently pleaded guilty to bank robbery. When asked why he committed the crime, he explained that he had just finished watching the documentary called “Inside Job” which detailed the 2008 financial crisis in...

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What Is Your Plan B?

Last year, our Dallas Mavericks were the NBA Champs. Then to the surprise of many Mavs fans, they let Tyson Chandler and several other free agents sign with other teams. They had a plan: it was to save money so this year they...

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Seeing Double

It is normally a good thing when people say you look like a celebrity, but not for one Nashville man. Recently, Nathan Blankenship was kicked out of a Kenny Chesney concert for looking too much like Kenny Chesney. Apparently, he...

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