Author: John Mark Caton

Lemonade Anyone?

You have probably heard the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  That was exactly what an 11-year-old entrepreneur named  Jessica did. Jessica was raising money to go to church camp by setting up a lemonade...

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What Are You Wearing Today?

I just read about a new product that will come out in November called the “Stuffa Jacket Wearable Vest Suitcase.” Just what does this new product do? Honestly, exactly what it says.  It is a jacket and a suitcase wrapped in one....

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He is the Greatest Olympian!

By now, most of us know that Michael Phelps became the all time most-decorated Olympian in the 2012 Summer Games, but even the greatest Olympian of all time did not succeed every time. In the race preceding his record-setting...

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